New Orleans Background Checks

Are you looking to have a background check done on someone from the New Orleans area?

The licensed private investigators at ISU – Investigative Services Unlimited, LLC  are especially trained and have the necessary investigative experience to conduct a thorough background check on any subject based on your specific needs and budget

It is important for you to understand that your needs are different than most. Therefore, we customize each background check based on the information you are interested in confirming or developing. In essence,  every background check we conduct is unique and we will quote you based on your needs.

Don’t be fooled by websites that promote nationwide criminal background checks for less than $50, since there is no such accurate database other than that used by authorized law enforcement agencies.  In addition, not all cities and counties electronically report arrests to the major data providers. That’s we we have to check specific counties for arrest records and convictions.

Our investigators at ISU have access to many national restricted databases since we are a licensed and bonded investigative agency. By hiring us, you will now have the ability to see the results of these databases and help you as co conduct your due diligence investigation on a subject.

These are just some of the many areas of information that we have access to:38F13B2C-28A2-4081-9F00-31B864496D4F

  • Verify Date of Birth and Social Security Number
  • Verify Residence
  • Verify Previous Residences
  • Confirm Previous Employment
  • Confirm Education Credentials
  • Search Criminal Records by County, State
  • Search Prison Records
  • Search for Motor Vehicle Data
  • Search for Bakruptcy Records
  • Search UCC Filings
  • Search State and National Civil Litigation
  • Search Business Affiliations
  • Search Voter Registration Records
  • Search for Hunting and Weapons Permit
  • Search for Aircraft and Pilot Records
  • Identify Potential Business Relationships
  • Identify Relatives
  • Identify Previous Neighbors


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