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If you suspect that your spouse is cheating, don’t hesitate. 80% of the time you are correct. During this time the spouse’s attitude will change as if they were a stranger in your life. They hide their cell phone, they are argumentative, they lie about where they are or where they have been. There’s the tell, tale smell on their clothes, the locked car and the late night work.
These are a few of the signs if infidelity and a call for a Domestic investigation.

Missing Persons/Locates

Trying to find your old girlfriend or boyfriend? Trying to locate a witness or you just need to find a lost individual to sign papers to finalize property or business we have very knowledgeable individuals in that field. Through databases and basic general information of the person we can help you find that person. When people fall off the radar they usually leave a trail. Using that information we will track and locate the individual.

Background Checks

On a regular basis people will misrepresent who they are, where they are from, there criminal background and relationships.
You should be well informed about whom you are dealing and what baggage comes with the individual.
In hiring, business deals, upgrade in management, or the interest of the heart, this is one of the best ways to find out.
You will be apprised of , national and local arrest records, civil actions family, business licenses, sex offender, criminal records, bankruptcies, web connections, cellphone numbers, eviction records, tax liens, internet domain registrations, former address and much more.


Surveillance is the observation of an individual, business , or location to provide documentation during a particular time frame to prove or disprove accusations of infidelity , possible theft or wrong doing.We will provide video and photo evidence where possible using the most up to date techniques and equipment. Tracking devices can be used to provide a more detailed and accurate location of the individual in domestic surveillance. With experienced investigators tracking and following is a well practiced trait with great success. All video is time and date marked.


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