Do You Need a Lafayette Background Check?

Investigative Services Unlimited can provide you with a Lafayette Background Check, or background checks for individuals anywhere in Louisiana.

Our licensed private investigators have the experience and training to find the information you are looking for. The quality of any background checks are based on your specific needs, business requirements and budget.

You can request a basic background check for the potential new hire to confirm the information on his or her application, including current and previous residences, current and previous employers, education verification as well as local and state civil and criminal records.

Please note that there is no magic database that provides the general public with a nationwide criminal records searches. Only law enforcement agencies have access to national criminal record files. We can search county and state criminal records and also national prisoner records.

Investigative Services Unlimited can search from four to seven years of employment records of applicant and provide you with:38F13B2C-28A2-4081-9F00-31B864496D4F

  1. Dates of Employment,
  2. Job Title,
  3. Earnings,
  4. Reason, for leaving and Rehire status,
  5. Check references as well as insuring that references are legitimate.
  6. Check all education institutions for which they have stated they have an affiliation will be verified as to when they attended; diploma or degree received; and much more.

Investigative Services Unlimited requires the following information to conduct Criminal Background Checks in Louisiana  and misdemeanor criminal background checks for person serving in sensitive positions:

  • Name: (inclusive of First, Middle and Last Names),
  • Full Address (Inclusive of Address, Street, City, State and Zip Code),
  • *Social Security Number and Date of Birth.


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