Sometimes surveillance will reveal just how untrustworthy some people are……

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I had an oil company hire me to investigate and conduct surveillance of one of their drivers who drove a fuel delivery truck. There were some inventory discrepancies that they had suspicions about so they just wanted to make sure that this guy was servicing only his designated accounts.
The first day I followed him around as he went on his usual route and then he took a very long, extended lunch break; about two hours. I followed him into a wooded area that looked like an old dumping ground.Two or three minutes after he went back there, a pickup truck pulled up. I didn’t know what was going on so I parked a quarter of a mile down the road and waited for him to leave. He stayed back there almost two hours and then he left at about the same time the pickup truck left.

The next day, I followed him and it was the same thing. He went back to that same spot and the same truck pulled up. This time I decided I wanted to get a closer look so I came prepared with some camouflage clothing. I parked my vehicle in a safe spot and I made my way through the woods with my camera equipment and I got into a position to see the pickup truck. It was parked right next to his fuel delivery truck and I could see that the daytime running lights were on and the truck was kind of rocking as though there was some activity going on inside the truck.I got into an established surveillance position and began videotaping through the driver’s side window of the pickup truck.  I obtained video of the subject having sex with a woman. After the two had finished having sex, I obtained video of him putting gasoline into her truck.

After I gave this video footage to my client, he turned it over to the police department. The local law enforcement met with him (the subject) and also the woman who was the owner of the truck. It was a very interesting situation because after questioning, it turned out that the woman was married to his friend. So, not only did he steal fuel from his employer, but he was exchanging it for sex with his friend’s wife. I was told that not only did he lose his job, but he got his butt kicked by his (former) friend.

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